Lawrence R. Jackson, Executive Director

Lawrence R. Jackson grew up in Public Housing and has been an advocate to provide safe, decent and sanitary neighborhoods for low/moderate income families. As a former public housing resident, Mr. Jackson believes in creating communities that he himself would live in and will encourage tenants toward self-sufficiency.

Mr. Jackson believes in results, and that has been his goal since taking over as Executive Director of the Newburgh Housing Authority on May 15, 2012 .

Throughout his career as an affordable housing professional, Mr. Jackson has worked on various types of housing (HOPE VI…Tax Credits...Special Needs… Mixed Finance...etc) and commercial developments that had budgets in excess of $100M. From his decades spanning service of Housing Authorities, he has demonstrated the type of communication skills that builds strong teams with a diversity of individuals. Specifically during the past decade, Mr. Jackson has honed his financial acumen to be able to maximize the resources provided and create economic growth through a wide variety of programs/initiatives.

Finally, Mr. Jackson continues work with representatives and advocates for community development to improve the quality of life for all Newburgh citizens.